Saturday, July 4, 2009

My wedding invitation card

The wedding invitation card..

So, finally this was the look of my wedding invitation card..

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The bride n groom's outfit

Finally, me n fiancee had manage our time - we went to JB trying the baju pengantin @ AZ Bridal and Salon yesterday.. Thanks for the leave....

It was quite tiring, as we depart at 9am, arrive at 1pm, and return to KL at 7.30 and arrived by 12am. We took a delicious and yummy lunch @ the Bamboo cafe - thanks to Mrs Lily who manage to set a very nice lunch for us.. And also to Mrs Halilah whom accompanied us to find the most suitable, nice (yet, affordable, of course) cakes for the wedding day.. we went to the bridal boutique at 4pm.. Hope to meet the wedding planner, but as he cannot make it, just chose based on my sis n sis-in-law suggestions..

It's very difficult to find an outfit which match the wedding theme - white and magenta.. So, finally we came out with three colours - white for the main event, white+greenish blue modern songket and last, but not least, a yellow songket which match the black dress. Nice.. They are very nice.. Just need some alteration on the size.. smaller for me but bigger for my beloved fiance.. hahaha...

The dais - i was hoping to get a cage-style dais for my big day.. But, unfortunately, it cannot fit in, as it needs a big place.. Uwaaaaaaaaaaa.......... But, i had another option- simple dais covered with flowers.. But, still not yet decided.. And, i was in turn happy and excited when they claimed they can provide a smaller cage for the main cake table. Yahooo... finally....... Thanks to Mrs Lily for proposing the best idea!
*p/s : the picture shown does not indicate the real dress i'm gonna wear... those were the rejected choices... heheeheheeee.....


Wedding preparation

Migraine starts attacking my conscious head whenever i'm looking at the preparation list..
the things for the hantaran, the dais, the bride n groom outfit, cakes and bla..bla..bla.. (n yet has to think to be interviewed by the johor state islamic council officers.. wow... that's quite terrible, i guess!) hahahaa...

So far, alhamdulillah.. everything's done, n going on fine, except for few things which can't be avoided.. which still make me alerts in doing anything up until this moment.. Sometimes, you did something without realizing there are few people whom may @ may not get hurt. Honestly, at some stage, i felt tired.. really, really tired.. Tired of thinking on how to satisfy yourself and everyone you loved?

You have your own interest, desire and your own wedding dream..
How are you going to turn these into a reality without creating any problems?? At some point, there is a mixture of feelings - happy, excited, sad, confuse & even depressed!

Anyhow, whatever happens, i just wanna tell the world how much i love everyone.. myself, family, n career..
That was totally hard to explain! For those whom always there by my side and loved me for who i am, always gave the best advice for me to handle my life --- nothing else i can dedicate except billion of thanks and only Allah knew how much i appreciate it..


Just sharing the moments when i used to be called as someone's fiancee.. It's the fiancee of an ordinary man called Mohd Zaman.. Ordinary, but everything to me.. Heheheee...

Marriage - euphoria vs crisis??

Dear friends,
It's almost about a month left before i'm going to shift my title from Miss to Mrs..
Lot of things comes across my mind, what it'll look like, what will happen in the new life, what shall i do and what sort of things does this marriage are..

This sort of stimulation does trigger my anxiety to ask personal opinions from a few fellas...
Some said in the 1st stage, you'll experience a euphoria stage in the life, meanwhile the next stage will be the crisis stage where at that time, you need to be very, very careful.. One party will be on the right, and another will be on the left. It's something like "u do whatever u think u wanna do, and i'll do whatever i like.. Take responsibility on whatever u did" This is when the euphoria has gone. Is it true?? This will be the time where the 3rd party will interrupt... (Am i right??) Huhuuu...

(Sigh....) Hopefully i can reformat my thinking.. Marriage is something which is wonderful, and it's the life sharing of two person who are responsible in determining which path they will take to ensure good and blessed life in the future..